5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Handbags

5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Handbags

As your wardrobe is filled with all kind of stylish dresses and perfect shoes, you cannot risk buying handbags that although look chic but are made of cheap quality material. If you have a handbag obsession just like us, then you should consider various factors before buying your next handbag. Have you bought so many women’s handbags that turned out to be an absolute waste of time and money? Well, here are 5 really effective steps for you to follow:

Step 1: Set Your Budget and Choose the Size You Need

First of all, you need to determine the budget for your next handbag. If you have a limited budget, try looking for sale or clearance. Now that your budget is set, decide on the size that best suits you. If you like carrying a lot of stuff, it is best to consider a handbag that is spacious. However, smaller handbags are best as they don’t slow you down with unnecessary stuff.

Step 2: Decide on Color & Style

This step entirely depends on what you like wearing. If you prefer going for neutrals, try something patterned or bright. Texture or color-block is best for you if you like wearing a lot of prints. If you don’t want to match each dress with a different handbag, try going for color and style that will work with the majority of your clothes.

Step 3: Choose the Right Material and Make Sure the Handbag Isn’t Too Heavy

If you don’t like traditional leather, consider bags made of fabric or natural fibers. Although leather handbags are amazing, they can sometimes be heavy. If you don’t like carrying too much weight, it is best to consider other types, such as clutch, hobo, sling bag, satchel, etc. Even if it is a leather handbag then try to test it out to check its weight. Sometimes the extra metal detail can weigh down a bag.

Step 4: Decide On The Right Pockets For You

This step is really important as it entirely depends on what suits you. If you like things organized, consider a handbag with several pockets. It can be just an empty void inside if you don’t like pockets.

Step 5: Consider the Finished Look and How It Feels

As you have narrowed down everything, the last step is checking how appealing it is and how does it feel while wearing. It is very important for you to make sure that the handbag is comfortable to carry. Even if you are getting it on a sale, if it is not too comfortable then there is no point in paying for it. The design needs to be attractive as well but it depends on your choice.

Some Other Useful Tips

- Consider your lifestyle while buying a handbag

- If you’re thin and tall, buy a handbag that is rounded

- If you are curvy then buy a sleek or rectangular one

- If you have a tiny frame, then don’t carry a large handbag

- Make sure the bag always stays upright

- The zipper needs to be of good quality


The Bottom Line

When it comes to buying a fashion handbag, you need to follow the aforementioned steps or don’t follow them if you have too much extra money (the choice is yours to make). If you are buying online, make sure the online store is trusted and reliable. Have fun!

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