8 Factors That Influence an Individuals Fashion Style

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As individuals, we have various fashion styles that appeal to us in the choices of our fashion accessories such as clothing, shoes, handbags, scarves, sunglasses, etc. The significant factor responsible for the fashion style of a person is the difference in choice. In this write-up, you will learn more about the various factors that play a significant role in the choice of our fashion style.

The budget plays a crucial role in determining our fashion style and also influences our decisions when it comes to the clothes that make it into your closet. Without mincing words, the size of a wardrobe is determined by the person’s budget. For instance, if you desire to wear clothes, sunglasses, shoes, and use other fashion accessories manufactured by high-end brands, you must have sufficient cash to support that fashion statement. If you think a lack of money can hold you back from having an excellent fashion style you are very wrong. Today there are so many manufacturers of quality accessories and clothes that do not have the retail markup that the high-end brands do. Anyone can look like a million bucks but they don’t have to spend that.

It is essential to have a body type that is suitable for the particular style you want to achieve. Similar rules apply to the kind of clothes we choose to wear. For example, if you love to rock clothes often adorned by models you often see in the magazines, your weight might force you to go for another direction or find a suitable designer that can handle your curves. Therefore, the shape of the body can determine the fashion style of person.

In this case, the weather plays a prominent role in the choice of clothes we wear and influence our fashion style. If you are the kind of person who enjoys wearing flowing gowns with high heels, you may have to reconsider your choice of dressing if the weather is snowy and wet. On the other hand, furry jackets and overcoats are discarded during the hot weather.

This might not apply to everybody, but it is important to emphasize that one’s environment can determine the fashion style of an individual. According to this write-up, the environment, in this case, is depicted as the culture of a workplace, expectations of a social circle, locality and their values. If someone is willing to adopt specific values of his environment, she might abandon some lifestyle values which do not promote the values of the environment he represents.

Our preferred lifestyle plays a critical role in shaping our fashion style. For example, the fashion style of a woman that stays at home will be different from the fashion style of a woman who is an employee of a fashion brand. On the other hand, a man who attends formal occasions consistently will have a different fashion style from an athlete.

Another factor that influences our fashion style preferences is occasion. Most often, we love to maintain a distinct look for the occasion by rocking unique wears for each kind of event life holds for us. For example, a Japanese woman who is a guest at an Indian wedding could wear a beautiful Indian saree to look like most of the guests.

A penchant for variety also plays a significant role in influencing a person’s fashion style. For instance, individuals who enjoy adding new stuff to their wardrobe will always be on the lookout for the most recent trends in the fashion world than folks who do not worry about trends.

We are individuals with different choices, and our fashion style is not exempted in this case. Some ladies may prefer clothes with small patterns while others may love to have dresses with large designs on them. On the hand, some women may prefer formal garments while other women may enjoy wearing fashionable and cool stock dresses. That is the point where our various style preferences make a significant difference in our fashion style choices.

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