A Few Tips To Keep You Looking Elegant

Elegant Look

When you are the type of woman who is fashion conscious, then you will come to understand price is not everything but the quality of your wardrobe is. Although, style is not everything but having a method of what you wear and purchase can have a great impact on your individual personal fashion.

In this article, you are going to learn some few fashion ideas and tips to ensure that you get it right with every fashion selection you make without spending too much.

"Money doesn't buy elegance. You can take an inexpensive sheath, add a pretty scarf, gray shoes, and a wonderful bag, and it will always be elegant. " By Carolina Herrera

Some women, without apparent fuss, always manage to look elegant. It does not matter what the function, a stroll through the park with their dog, a special event or grocery shopping. Somehow, no matter what the time of day or night, they look simply superb.

There is no secret. If you want to look elegant without spending too much, you need to be mindful of these basic rules: keep it simple, wear only quality items and choose the combination of colors and patterns wisely. It is essential to be able to balance patterns and color choice if you want to look chic and sophisticated.

A patterned dress is often best left for summer days. Like basic white, these floral and other designs are associated with this season. When you need to layer, however, plain hues and styles are best, to add a dash of color or a splash of interest wear a patterned item or accessory. Teaming a basic dress or simple pantsuit with a magnificently patterned silk scarf or shawl creates a look that is both tasteful and elegant. If, however, you combined the same patterned scarf with a similarly designed dress or outfit, the result is esthetically questionable - messy, indistinct.

Selecting colors consists of one of two ways. You either pick matching or contrasting colors. Keep in mind when doing so that you never match certain colors. The old proviso remains for combining brown and black, and black and navy blue.

The wonderful thing is that if you select hand-painted women's silk scarves or shawls, finding the right shade to match or contrast is easy. For example, take a simple blue dress in an unusual shade. Look at the selection of hand dyed silk scarves and hand painted shawls. The hues emerging are the result of a careful process encompassing all the colors and shadings of the spectrum.

You will never see this in mass-produced accessories. Choose one containing the same shade of blue in your dress. This will pick up the blue in your dress, and all the other colors of the scarf will match. They have been created to blend in with the basic blue of your scarf. Make sure you wear a harmonizing pair of blue shoes and carry a similarly colored purse.

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