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Trendy Handbag Designs

A handbag is one of the most beautiful and functional accessories any women can have in their closet. Handbags come in different shapes, designs, and colors. The number of handbags is quite sizable and every one of the bags comes with its unique style.

No doubt handbag is becoming popular. Weather is belt, clothes, or any other fashion accessories, a lot of new design patterns are being introduced every year.

The handbag has their place In the fashion world. Every year, fashion shows are organized where fashion designers showcase latest handbag designs. There are always in demand in the glamour world. Top model, the high caliber of people, celebrities all endorse some brands that make handbags a status symbol.

How HandBags are made

Handbags are made from different type of materials. The first handmade bags were made from leather. But today, handbag makers now also use synthetic leather, high-quality resin, high-density foam, fabric to make these handmade bags last.

A lot of effort is taken to made handbag. Each handbag comes with its distinctive shape and style. Bag designers always try to come up with a new trending design for each bag. Each designer produce bag a little differently from each other so that customer can have exclusive bags.

The makers of these handbags first come up with a  design. They now use different instruments to cut the material according to the shape. Next is the stitching or sowing part which is done very meticulously. Finally, the bag is given the final touch to make it look attractive. A finished bag goes for polishing to brush off any dust. The makers of the bag put a price tag on the bag, and the bag is now ready for display.

Decoration and Colors

Numerous things are used in decorating bags. The most common decorative piece is the zipper. It may be surprised to you to learn that there are a variety of zippers available on the market. Majority of women are very particular about the zipper placement on the bags as well. Buckles, beads, mirrors, rings, metal chains and even designer key chains are attached to the bag to give it a special look.

The colors used by the handbags maker are incredible. Varieties of colors are applied on the handbags so that it can match with any dress.

Handbag Styles

There are many categories under which handbag style can be they can be grouped into. The top 4 main categories are:

  1. Backpacks

Backpacks can be made out of cloth, leather or nylon. They are used to carry on the back and are usually secured with two straps that go over the shoulders. Backpacks can be worn by anyone be it small children, teenagers or adults. Backpacks provide the freedom to our hands that we often need for other activities as well.


  1. Messenger Bags

Messenger Bags are popular between college and university students. They are designed to have a cross body strap and a large flap which are used in carrying larger documents. Just like many another handbag, it comes in different styles and colors.

  1. Duffel Bags

Do you want to look chic and trendy? Yes, then the perfect choice is to get a leather duffel bag. Duffle Bags are made out of cloth or leather and mostly characterized by their cylindrical shape. This type of bags suit people who travel a lot or like going to the gym regularly. Duffel Bags comes in different styles, colors, and sizes for men and women.

  1. Satchels

Satchel handbags are characterized by their large size and small handles. They are worn on the arm instead of the shoulder. Satchel can be made of different materials, sizes, and colors. They are suitable for various occasions such as traveling,  work, and parties.

Uses of Handbags

The Handbags either comes in small or big sizes. Small handbags are ideal for parties or any social gatherings hold which are used in holding their day-to-day items. The big handbags are mostly used by regular office-goers and teenagers in shielding their valuables from inclement weather, damage, and theft. In most cases, handbags help in completing our polished look.

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