How Much Should You Be Spending On Handbags?

How Much Should You Be Spending On Handbags?


A handbag can be a women’s favorite accessories that they can’t go without. With the latest fashion trends, today's women always keep an eye on what’s is classy and fashionable. Even though designer bags cost a fortune, women make sure they don’t lag behind when it comes to buying new fashionable handbags even if it means they have to save up for the purchase of a name brand handbag. 

The real question is how much should one be spending on a casual handbag? It depends upon your requirements: such as size, durability, color, budget and how well it matches your outfit. 

#1: Size
Most people tend to neglect the size of a handbag, which is an important deciding factor. The size of a handbag depends on the environment in which you will use it. If you want it for the office, use a handbag that has adequate space for your work essentials like a laptop, documents, etc. If you are small or large in stature make sure to keep an eye on how long the crossbody strap is in relation to your hip where the body of the purse should land. On the other hand, if you’re going out for lunch with a friend, you can’t go wrong with a casual yet perky clutch. Choose the size of the bag according to the setting.

#2: Durability
Women love to gather a collection of handbags only to later discard them when they either get bored, or the material wears. For the latter, regardless of how expensive the handbag, there is no point in spending huge amounts of money if it doesn’t last long. Look for affordable bags from a reliable and trustworthy retailer that gives you the guarantee of longevity.

#3: Look out for fashion trends
Fashion trends come and go. Some make it to the next year while others are never looked back on. If you’re a handbag aficionado who has an entire collection from clutches to shoulder bags, choose a handbag wisely that can make it to the next season. You don’t want to wear a bag that looks old-school. 

#4: Match it with your outfit
Before buying a peculiar handbag that has vibrant colors, ask yourself does it match with your daily wear? If not, they will most likely end up gathering dust. The money you had spent on a bag became of no use. So, make sure you purchase the handbag according to your wardrobe that will make your handbag game strong. 

#5: Check the quality
Women believe that designers produce top-quality bags; however, not all high-end brands offer durable and heavy-duty bags. There are other fashion brands that may not have a huge name in the market but they produce the highest quality handbags the same as that of a designer bag at a lower cost. It isn’t always necessary that the price and brand name determine the quality of a bag. You can look out for affordable brands that will give you more than you pay. 

Lastly, consider your budget. There are budget-friendly brands out there that sell fancy handbags at an amazing price. If you’re really brand conscious, save up money each month but don’t go bankrupt in a wish to stand out from the crowd.

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