Is There A Place For Women’s Fashion Sunglasses In The Winter?

Is There A Place For Women’s Fashion Sunglasses In The Winter?

Do you want to rock those perky fashion sunglasses in the winter but they are gathering dust somewhere in your drawer? It's time to take them out and wear it with style. Whether it's summer or not, you should wear them all year round.

Most people are unaware of the fact that Sun is independent of hot or cold temperatures which means that you need to stay protected from UV rays at all times.  Grab a pair of glasses and read on as we unfold the truth behind wearing sunglasses during winters.

1: Sunglasses can reduce glare

Beware of the glare because it can impair your vision which makes it difficult to see anything. In winter, the Sun sits lower and reflects at a low angle due to which snow/ice produces bright reflections causing glare into your eyes. Glare could be a major problem if you're out there on the mountains, snowboarding with confidence.

For this reason, you should wear high-quality Polarized sunglasses that can filter out glare, making you see things with ease.

2:  Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays

Both UV and UVB rays are harmful not just for your skin, but also for your eyes. It causes wrinkles around your eyes, corneal sunburn, and cataracts. Hence, you need to make sure that you don't forget to wear sunglasses during winters.

3: Sunglasses protect eyes from wind and dust

Sunglasses can serve as a protective shield against chilly winds and dust particles. Cold winds can lock up moisture in your eyes causing irritation. With Sunglasses, you can retain moisture in your eyes which in turn protects your eyes from becoming dry.

If dust particles enter into your eyes, it can cause corneal abrasion but wearing sunglasses can put you on the safe side.

4: Sunglasses reduce eye-strain

Your pupils widen in low light whereas during daylight your pupil's contract.  When your eyes are exposed to high-brightness, your pupils can't contract enough to reduce light entering into your eyes. Therefore, it causes squint resulting in eye strain and headache.

By now, you must’ve understood the importance of wearing sunglasses during winters. Wherever you are, make sure to keep sunglasses with you because safety is in your hands and it will protect your vision from bigger damage.

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