A NEW Way To Buy From ElegantBags.shop & SAVE!!!

Look Great & Save With ElegantBags.shop With A NEW Way to Buy!!!!

In today's day and age, women's fashion can change dramatically from minute to minute, and time is a commodity that shouldn't be wasted. To help today’s consumers stay in the know, a few companies started offering subscription-based fashion services. These monthly subscription fashion boxes arrive with various fashion accessories and clothes, but the contents are not picked by you, the customer. The subscription companies rely on a staff stylist to pick the outfits or accessories that get shipped every month, which can certainly save you time, but you have to place your trust in the stylist creating the selection for the box.

As a fashion company, we believe there are multiple problems with these types of fashion subscription services. Here are the top five issues we have found that directly affect the consumer:

  1. You have to wait a full month to receive your goods, which is quite a long time if it’s something you are passionate about.
  2. You and your fashion sense are not taken into consideration in the creation of the monthly box. If fashion is the defining statement of who you are and your individuality, these boxes won’t help that shine through.
  3. If you bought the items separately, could you have saved money?
  4. What if you like only half the contents of the fashion box? What do you do with the other half?
  5. Even if you don’t want the monthly box anymore, you’re usually stuck in a 3- to 6-month subscription.

We here at ElegantBags.shop have come up with a simple solution to all your fashion accessory needs. Each week, we will provide you with a brand new fashion accessory bundle of three items that have been deeply discounted. They can be bought together in a pack for a super discount or individually for a lesser discount. Each item takes 8 to 15 days to ship to your home, and are sent from the United States via USPS or E-packet.

These weekly fashion accessory bundles can contain such products as women's fashion watches, scarfs/shawls, jewelry, handbags, or sunglasses. Each Tuesday, we’ll post the next fashion bundle for that week on our Facebook page so you can decide right away if you like what you see or not. Because we do this weekly, you will have many choices to select from. The best part of our solution is there are no monthly subscription fees, plus you don't get the products you don’t want. You're totally in control to put your fashion ideas to work for you and create our own bundle. Also, if you subscribe to our free email newsletter, you’ll get advance notice of the contents in the next fashion accessory bundle up to a week before it’s announced on Facebook.


Fashion Bundle

With this new service, we’ve made the customer the most important part of the process. Our fashion accessory bundle system allows you to be in control of the product selection. In the end, fashion is an expression of who you are, how you feel, and what you want to project to the world - and we’re here to help you do just that.

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