Should Clutch Purses Come with A Strap?

Should Clutch Purses Come with A Strap?

A clutch is a small bag carried by hand and they are made in different sizes and shapes. They can be worn for various occasions ranging from dinner or evening dates (here it can be referred to as evening clutch bags), meetings and any other type of outing.

However, some clutches are quite large which makes it necessary to come with straps or handles. They are mostly referred to as large clutch handbags and they possess the main physical features of being slim and they can also be handheld.

Clutch purses can add to any look or dress, but a small clutch purse with large handles may alter the look you are trying to put together. The question "should clutch purse come with a strap?" has had controversial answers.

Some say that the strap or handle reduces the risk of forgetting once purse at an event while others say that it helps keep their purse safe around their hand even in unconscious situations.

Although all these things are true, proper knowledge of how your clutch purse or bag should be carried helps increase your level of consciousness. A clutch purse with handle doesn't stop you from forgetting your purse at an event or an occasion if care is not taken.

It is essential to remember that clutches can be held at the bottom with one hand, it can be held from the top. They can also be held with both hands or under the arm (be sure to change hands or position).

Below is three clutch purses types and how straps or handles fit on them classic clutch purses. This is the general term for all clutches, small enough to be held within one hand. They could be triangular, rectangular or even circular.

Flat Top Clutch

It can also be called the envelope bag because of its rectangular shape and triangular top. This can come with or without straps or handles.

Clutch Purse with Handle

This type of clutch purse can have handles or straps since they are larger than and contain more spaces than the usual purses. This type of large clutch purse is suitable for office, meetings, and presentations because of its size and the extra pockets within the bag

The Evening Clutch bag

These bags are small and do not require straps or handle, they can contain your phone, keys and you’re your touch up make-up. They add style and glamour to your dressing.

Aside from adding to our looks, a clutch is supposed to help us feel light and free when going for an event and since everyone is blessed with the opportunity of choice, we can, therefore, decide what works for us. If you know you have the tendency of forgetting your purse do ensure to get a clutch purse with handle especially one that is detachable, that way you get to look chic and more presentable during your entry. After a while, the handle may be attached to the purse or bag for safety able, Clutch vs Purse.

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