Should Your Handbag Match Your Scarf?

Should Your Handbag Match Your Scarf?

Life is so easy for all the men out there because all they need to do is to match all their leather accessories. It’s a simple rule and it’s easy to follow. However, for us women, there are so many decisions to make! For example, should your handbag match your scarf?  

Well, yes, it should. Your handbag should match your scarf because when your handbag and your scarf match, both the items complement each other and enhance the look of each other!

It’s pretty common for women to match their handbags with their shoes, so why not match your handbag with your scarf?

Your matched handbag and scarf combination will give you a uniform and neat overall appearance! Moreover, you won’t have to worry much when deciding which scarf to take this way, if you know which handbag you’re going to take!

Here are a few pictures to prove that your handbag should match your scarf:

The brown scarf and handbag

The scarf and handbag combo

This combination of a brown/tan/white scarf with a handbag looks great, and is an example of why it’s such a good idea to match your scarf with your handbag!

The scarf enhances the look of the handbag and vice versa. Together, they form a wonderful combination that looks classy and elegant!

The scarf, bag and hat combination

The scarf, bag and hat combination

This is yet another gorgeous combination that will look absolutely stunning on anyone! The scarf and handbag complement each other and they will make the entire outlook of the person wearing them look neat, uniform and organized!

However, there are also certain cases where you shouldn’t match your handbag with your scarf. For example, if your outfit color is the same as your scarf color, then you shouldn’t match it with the color of your handbag. Otherwise, everything will look homogenous and your outfit, scarf, or your purse won’t stand out.

Therefore, make sure your scarf color is different from that of your outfit and that it contrasts your outfit. Only then should you match your handbag with your scarf.

Another great idea for matching your handbag with your scarf is to buy them both from the same brand. Get the scarf and handbag each with a monogram of that brand. This way, your handbag, and your scarf will perfectly match each other. Their color doesn’t have to be the same in this case. Just their matching monograms will be enough to convey the matching look.

Checkered scarves and bags like the one shown in the second photo above are pretty trendy, so you should try getting them from any store! You can also mix and match scarves and handbags from your wardrobe and make pairs so that whenever you need a scarf, the matching handbag is also ready with it.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a matching scarf with your handbag or get new handbags to match your scarf! Either way, the next time you go out, try matching your handbag with your scarf and see how the look turns out to be! It will look extremely stunning, I can guarantee you!

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