The Anatomy of a Great Handbag

The Anatomy of a Great Handbag

Do you want to find out what elements combine to make a great handbag? You should definitely know about it if you want to discuss, design or buy a handbag like a pro. There are many elements that make a great handbag great. Whether it is the material, the size, quality material or the durability, the handbag needs to serve its purpose rather than just looking attractive. So, let’s get started:

Handbag Dimension

It is important to know the handbag dimension as it helps in choosing the right bag based on your preferences. The width of a small handbag is approximately 6-12 inches. For a medium bag, the width is approximately 12-14 inches and 14-16 inches for a large bag. Extra-large bags have a width of more than 16 inches.

The Handle

As you will be carrying a lot of items in your handbag, the handle should feel comfortable. The handle can of different types such as fabric, wooden, metal, plastic, beaded, crocheted, bracelet, braided, or long/medium ones. Regardless of what type of handle is used, it should feel comfortable in your palm. On average, a handbag carries over 6-7 pounds and that’s why a good handle becomes a quite vital element. The average length of the handle should be 3-4 inches, but it can vary depending on the size of a handbag.


If a handbag comes with a strap, that is a bonus for you. After all, you wouldn’t like carrying the bag in your hand all the time. As you would want to get the handbag comfortably under your shoulder, the strap drop needs to be greater than 8 inches. If the handbag has a removable strap, that is more convenient for you.


The average depth of the handbag needs to be at least 5 inches. The depth can vary according to the size of the bag, but there have to be no exceptions in it. With more depth of the women’s handbag comes the convenience factor.


When it comes to the colors of women’s handbags, the most popular colors are black and shades of brown. However, it doesn’t mean that one should only prefer them. You can also choose a color based on your personal style and also depending on how it balances your other outfits.


There has to be one large compartment but with good pocketing. Without good pocketing in the handbag, things can look a lot messy in there. If there are lots of compartments and pockets, then it is also good for you. However, the compartments and pockets need to reasonably transparent – or else you’ll be playing the guessing game most of the time.


A great handbag needs to be made of materials that are robust and durable. Full grain or top grain leather is considered the best for making extra durable handbags. If there is used of the zipper, it has to be from a high-quality brand.


The Bottom Line

Yep, we’ve probably gone into a bit too much detail there. But now you know what is the right anatomy of a great handbag is, right? Well, let us know if you have any query related to the anatomy of a great handbag and read our other blog posts to know more about women’s handbags.

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