Things to Consider When Choosing a Messenger Bag

Things to Consider When Choosing a Messenger Bag

If you start making a list of the most essential fashion accessories for women, the list would be incomplete without handbags. After all, handbags are not just used to carry different stuff – they depict personal style and are deemed as an important form of self-expression.

In today’s fashion world, handbags are the fashion statement that is responsible for either making or breaking style. From carrying important personal belongings to using a style statement, an indispensable role is played by handbags in the life of modern women. 

We’ll suppose that you were looking for some attractive-looking, reasonably priced fashion handbags and you came across messenger handbags. Like most of the online shoppers, you decided to do some digging and that landed you on our website (lucky us). So, if you want to buy a messenger handbag, it is important to consider various things. It can not only save you from the nuisance of returning the product but also your time and money. Before we unfold some of the main features to consider, it is best to know a little about messenger handbags.

What is a Fashion Messenger Handbag?

It is the type of sack that is made from either natural or synthetic cloth. Also known as a courier bag, it is best to define it as an over-sized purse that has a single, cross-body strap.

Today, fashion messenger handbags are considered as an urban fashion icon. It is widely used by men and women as it provides comfort while carrying bulky or heavy items and also easy access to the contents. It is considered to be more water-resistant and durable as compared to an over-the-shoulder bag.

General Styles of Messenger Bags

There are two general styles within this product category. Both styles are preferred by men and women:

Messenger Style: These bags sit higher on the back of a wearer and are quite popular due to their large capacities, comfortable straps, quick release buckles, and a few pockets.

Briefcase Style: These bags have semi-rigid back panels, top grab, handlers, built-in laptop sleeves, and several storage options for small items. These briefcase style bags are also quite comfortable due to their straps that are designed for easy walking.

When it comes to identifying messenger style and briefcase style bags, simply look at the strap design. If there are angled straps, then it is a messenger style bag and if there are vertically oriented straps, then it is a briefcase style.

Most Important Features to Consider

The messenger bag can be used by women from different walks of life. When you are buying this bag, it is imperative to consider some important features. We are not mentioning the design, color or shape of the bags because you know best what suits you and what not. So, without a further ado, let’s get started:

  • Water Resistance

It is not difficult to make a waterproof bag. Even if the waterproof fabric is used to make the flap, water can only enter through one place: the fold (it can be found at either edge of the flap). So, when you are purchasing your bag, it is best to make sure that the flap is cinching down your belongings. And hey, also look for the wings; they need to look like they are funneling water out and not in.

If you are looking for a complete water-resistant bag, then it is best to skip bags that have external pockets.  Also, keep in mind that many bags are not dunk-proof and that is why manufacturers have to use the label ‘water resistant’ and not waterproof for the bags.

  • Shoulder Strap

Ladies, if you want a good-looking and comfortable-to-wear messenger bag, then you need to pay close attention to the shoulder strap design and padding. Choosing the bag depends on how you are going to use it. If you want to the use the bag for walking or taking it to work, then you can go for straps with less padding. If you want to use the bag on a long-awaited vacation to some hilly area, then it is best to choose a bag that has straps with more padding.

  • Flap Closure

Generally, you’ll find the majority of flaps with a two-part closure system that uses a clip or some type of Velcro. There is the use of plastic buckles in some of the most common designs out there. It can be said without any hesitation that plastic buckles are not only quick and simple but also intuitive. However, there is a slight issue with plastic buckles; it is difficult to unclip them with one hand by the user but pickpockets can easily unclip them. While hooks make it easy for the user to open the bag, they provide the same convenience to the pickpockets as well.

It is best to look for bags that have Velcro strips. Even though Velcro strips are unwanted attention grabbers, they are still easy to use as compared to plastic buckles or hooks.

  • Pockets

If you are a person who likes to carry lot stuff to wherever you go, a briefcase style messenger bag is best for you. But don’t neglect messenger style as they also have pockets in all sizes and shapes. Messenger bags are most suitable for those women who like to carry their personal belongings in their bags but also want their things to remain organized. With any other handbag, keeping things organized is not that easy. However, messenger bags come with different pockets and enable the user to place her personal stuff in the bag in a more organized way.


The Bottom Line for You

It goes without saying that messenger handbags have the traits to end your quest of finding an appealing and useful fashion handbag. So, whenever you decide to buy a messenger handbag, make sure you check all the above-mentioned features and you can look at our store’s collection as well. All in all, you are the better judge of design and color, but you need to pay close attention to the features.


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