Three Types of Popular Fashion Sunglasses Lenses


Depending on what fashion statement you want to make with your sunglasses will determine what kind of sunglasses you add to your wardrobe. As with any fashion statement, a lot of thought can be put into buying the correct sunglasses for the outfit that you are wearing or planning to wear. Today we're going to talk about three different styles of lenses that are pretty popular across the fashion spectrum.

Gradient Sunglasses lenses:
Gradient sunglasses can hide your eyes depending on other finishes added to the gradient. Those sunglasses with just the gradient are see-through with usually the gradient starting darker at the top and going to a clear lens at the bottom. Gradient sunglasses can be mixed with other styles of sunglasses lenses for a totally different look. When of the signature looks in the fashion world is to mix the gradient sunglass lens with a mirror finish.

Mirror Finish Sunglasses lenses:
Mirror finish sunglasses have been around for a very long time. From aviation pilots, cops and the fashion runway. Mirrored sunglasses reflect what the world is around you while hiding your eyes and facial expressions. A reflective brilliance can come from a thin metal layer that can be made from titanium, nickel or chromium and bonded to the lens. Whether your lenses are polycarbonate or glass you can always get a pair of sunglasses with this design feature.

Color Sunglasses lenses
Color lenses are the oldest kind of sunglasses. In the mid-1920s, the utilization of shades began to become very popular, particularly among motion picture stars. Reasonable mass-delivered shades produced using celluloid frames were first created by Sam Foster in 1929. Today we have a massive amount of colors to choose from. Weather is totally see-through or just tinted lenses there is a pair out there to match your outfit.

There are many shapes, colors, and materials that can be used when designing sunglasses frames and lenses that can be utilized in various combinations. Oftentimes, the selection of a frame is made based on how it will affect the appearance of the wearer. Some people like to wear sunglasses as a style accessory. And remember sunglasses are not just good for your eyes you can put them on your head and pull back your hair, as a hair band when you're driving. The sunglasses of today add to a person's individual style and can be one of the cheapest items to buy with the most impact on your fashion sense.

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