Top 3 Reasons to Add an Open Bangle Bracelet to Your Wardrobe


You can make an impressive fashion statement by adding an open bangle bracelet to your fashion collections. They come in various designs, and each is exciting and glamorous.

The open bangle bracelet is not only used for fashion purpose; some people equally use it as charms. What are the features that make the open bangle bracelet unique and qualify it as an essential addition to your wardrobe? Three of these features will be discussed below.

#1 Various colors for all interests
The open bangle bracelet comes in various colors so that buyers can find something perfectly fitting their fashion tastes. You can buy different shades of colors so that they can perfectly complement different dresses. Some equally come in mixed colors, which further make them more glamorous than ever.
Aside from the varieties of colors available, the potential buyer will also have access to different designs of the open bangle bracelet. You will always find a design just perfect for your dress among the bracelets on sale. However, some outlets have more models for the bracelets than others.

Additionally, you should stick to big jewelry stores when buying yours so that you can access and assess multitudes of color varieties and designs. Whatever choice of color or design you go for, make sure it perfectly complements your dress. The sizes equally vary, and you can always get an open bangle bracelet that will fit your wrist perfectly. Those who make the open bangle bracelet for charms prefer the smallest size.

#2 The unique shape
The colors and designs may differ from one another, but the open bangle bracelet usually comes in oval shapes and can grip your wrist without causing any discomfort, thereby making you distinct from the crowd in an impressively fashionable way.

The slight grip of your wrists equally prevents the bangles from spinning around and preventing free hand movement. Since it grips the wrist firmly, you can either conceal it under your sleeve or leave it to hang below the sleeves for all to see. In the latter position, the open bangle bracelet can add a lot to your choice of dress for that day, provided the color and design are complementary.


#3 The cost
Aside from the various benefits of the open bangle bracelets discussed above, it is equally affordable. Many of them are made using precious stones, like sterling silver, diamond, emerald and so on.

Despite the inclusion of these precious metals in their makeup, the open bangle bracelets are still affordable, and you will not have to empty your life savings to buy several of them for different dresses. The size of the bracelet can sometimes determine the price, and the smallest ones are the cheapest among them most of the time.

The points given above are three of the many features that set the open bangle bracelet apart and make it the perfect jewelry to add to your wardrobe. It can complement your fashion sense in all seasons. Aside from being affordable, it makes you look fashionable and complements your dress any day, color or design irrespective.

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