Top 3 Ways How to Hold a Clutch Purse

Top 3 Ways How to Hold a Clutch Purse

One of the must-have handbags for ladies is a clutch with innovative handles and straps and captivating designs. Whether you love carrying a clutch for evening dates, fancy occasions or even to the office, have you ever wondered what is the proper way to hold a clutch?

So, let’s find out how you can hold your clutch while also ensuring that you remain elegant and fashionable.

Avoid Overmatching Your Clutch Purse

Okay, this might be a trend like decades ago, but not anymore! Woman, you’ve got to understand that there is no need of overmatching every time you go out. Why overmatch the clutch with the entire outfit when you can simply choose one that compliments your attire without giving off an impression of over trying. For instance, if your dress or shoes has an intricate or bold design, it is best to go with a clutch that is more streamlined or sleek.

Get a Grip On Your Clutch Purse

This has to be the best way of holding a clutch. It is not about just getting a strong grip, instead, you need to ensure that the grip needs to be light but it also has to give you a control over your clutch – you don’t want to be dropping it every now and then.

If you want to hold your clutch in a more dainty way, there is nothing better than placing both hands over the top of your clutch and in front of your body or holding it from the bottom with your arm by your side (it is almost like you are holding a newspaper).

Strap or no Strap On Your Clutch Purse

There are many clutch purses that come with a chain or detachable strap. If you are one of those women who are not a big fan of ‘too many hands’ on their clutch, you can definitely try slinging your clutch on your shoulder. And if the clutch is a wristlet, don’t compromise on class and simply strap it on your wrist – it’s as simple as that!

There are some clutches from notable brands that come with unique holders or handlers. You should definitely try them as they are not only decorative but useful as well.

Bonus: Other Best Ways of Carrying a Clutch
• Worn over the shoulder and keeping the clutch close to your body.
• Worn over the shoulder and letting it swing freely ( for clutches with long straps).
• Holding the clutch at its top with your index finger over on it (your index finger must be pointing down).
It is the classier way of holding a clutch if you are attending a cocktail party
• Worn cross body with the clutch behind your body.
• Holding it under your arm.
• Holding the clutch at its one end.

The Bottom Line
With these best ways to hold a fashion clutch handbag, you can easily carry them with absolute confidence and style. Remember that no matter how you are holding the clutch, you need to carry it with full confidence. Needless to say, even if you are holding a million-dollar clutch, if you do not know how to carry it, there is no point of having it.

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