What are the strong points of a leather handbags under $50

$50.00 Handbag

Before we go over the monetary value of $50 and what you get for your money. let's go over the two problems that a handbag solves when you purchase one. The first is to hold your belongings so you don't have to and the second is to add a bit of class whatever you're wearing. 

In the fashion world, a complementary handbag can make a break an outfit. So you have to ask yourself can I achieve the same look with a bag that is under $50 and is made of the same material like leather, of course, you can. And if you're animal conscious you could always use a canvas or nylon bag to achieve the same effect.

So what are you really paying for? A status symbol or a fashion statement? If you're looking for a status symbol you have fashion handbag companies like Michael Kors, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and list could go on but you know where I am going with this. If you're looking for a fashion statement and you want a handbag or purse to match your outfit purchase one that has complementary colors to your closet. This way you can get the most out of your purchase.

So it comes down to the hard part what type of bag do you need for what situation you're going to. If it is a black dress event do you really want to carry a hobo bag? No, you want the perfect little clutch that handles what the evening calls for. The same can be said with other types of bags the wrong handbag to the wrong event can lead to frustration. 

For everyday use, you want a multifunctional handbag and you can definitely buy one under 50 bucks. You should find one with multiple compartments and a detachable strap. The handbag should be mid-size and have top handles so you could change the look or function on the fly if you need to. The handbag can be a single shoulder or crossbody handbag with the strap landing the body of the bag at your thigh. You do not want to go longer than this or shorter because then it will become very uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

So you can see there are many uses and options for a bag under 50 bucks made out of leather or some other material. Truth be told the fashion industry marks up their handbags due to marketing and other factors where there are a lot of quality handbag makers like us at Elegant Bags that carry quality handbags just without the price tag. For the same amount of money of buying a high-end purse, you could buy four to five different handbags from us. We are here to help you create that individual look that belongs to you and one you want to show off to the world. We want to be part of that creation process, to help you achieve what you want to. It's the reason why we are in this business.

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