What is PU Leather & how it is used to make good handbags?

PU Leather For Handbags

Considering the different kinds of materials that are available for handbags, PU leather remains the most popular one. Women have loved this type of leather since 1963.

PU Leather is the best material used for making a great handbag. This type of leather handbag offers high-quality style, durability, and long life. A PU leather handbag can be put to several different uses. If you are looking for one handbag material that suits all kinds of personalities, then it has to be the PU leather handbag. These are available in all sizes, color, designs, and styles, and you can choose one according to your own choice. Each shade of PU leather has a look of its kind, which makes it the most attractive material used for making handbags. You can easily choose according to your preference and requirement.

PU leather is an artificial leather material made with split leather which has been coated with polyurethane (PU), which is then used in making Handbags.

Although PU Leather cannot be compared with natural leather in several aspects; but it has the good qualities that make it very vital for use in the leatherwork industry in making handbags. Many leather craftsmen even consider it as superior to natural leather because of its diversity in looks and use.

1. PU Leather is resistant to both water and micro-organisms
PU Leather can resist the attack of microorganisms and other insects from destroying it. Due to the way its surface has been treated, it can resist water and other forms of liquors from entering into it and destroying it.

2. PU leather is durable
The most important thing about this leather is that they last for a long time and are extremely fashionable to look at too. They are the best choice in handbag material, and no other alternative comes close to it.

3. It comes in different textures and thickness
PU Leather is varied in its texture and thickness that is why its usage is broader than natural leather in making handbags.

4. It can be dyed in varieties of colors
The dyeing of PU leather is not limited to some specific colors like natural leather. These PU leather tentacles are very wide as far as colors of dyes are concerned.

5. It is stain resistant
Apart from PU leather’s ability to effectively resist external influences like the attack of microorganisms, its products can last longer and also resist stains.

PU Leather handbags are fascinating, timeless and handsome; therefore, it is very important to take good care of them. Maintenance and proper care of PU leather are quite simple. Make sure that all the moisture and grime are quickly removed from the bag. You can simply wipe the bag with a soft cloth, or by using leather cleaner. A small amount of petrol can also be used to wipe away dirt and grime.

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