What is The Best Kind of Women’s Messenger Bag for Work?

What is The Best Kind of Women’s Messenger Bag for Work?

A roomy work bag is like one of the most important accessories for any woman’s office life. After all, having a spacious bag enables you to fit your phone, makeup, snacks, and reading material in it…and that too without worrying about not finding items in your bag, especially when you need them the most.

If you are a working woman, you must’ve known the importance of traditional briefcase and most probably you’re currently using it as well. Even though the classic look of a traditional briefcase will never go out of style, but times have changed. Given that workplace attire is more casual and relaxed than ever, the use of classic briefcases for work are pushed aside and working women are shifting towards messenger bags.

Whether you want a bag that is compact, spacious, a relaxed and causal attaché, a tech-savvy laptop bag, or a multipurpose carry-on, you can find it among two kinds of messenger bags.

Kinds of Messenger Bags

These bags come in two general kinds. Both kinds are preferably used by women for work.

  • Briefcase Style

  • This style is mostly preferred by working-class women as it is comfortable, roomy, and designed for easy walking. It has handlers, several storage options, built-in laptop sleeve, top grab, and semi-rigid back panels. Overall, briefcase style is deemed as the best for working-class women due to its main features such as extra storage, lightweight, and comfortable straps.

  • Messenger Style

  • This style comes with its own perks. For instance, it has comfortable straps, large capacities, and quick release buckles. However, it has fewer pockets which mean that there are fewer storage options. However, this style is still quite in-demand due to its elegant design.

    Materials That Are Used to Make Up Messenger Bags

    Messenger bags are not similar to the over the shoulder bags. Even the materials used in messenger bags are more long-lasting as compared to the ones used over the shoulder bags. Here are the materials used in making these bags:

    Leather: There is no denying that leather is the most ideal material that is used to make bags. The main reason why leather is used to make messenger bags is that it is waterproof, durable, and has insulating properties. In addition to all this, it looks more attractive even as it ages.

    Cotton: As one of the oldest natural materials, cotton is used to make amazing messenger bags. And there is no reason not to use it. After all, it can be used for almost every occasion, it is easy to wash, it is odor free, and it is breathable – perfect for people who do not like the scent of leather.

    Polyester: Nowadays, polyester is used quite commonly in the manufacturing of bags. It is also knitted or woven into the fabric to make messenger bags. The reason why it is used is that it is resistant to wear and tear, abrasion, shrinking, and stretching. If you’re a working woman, it is not recommended to have this bag as it is non-breathable and it would be a mistake to carry phone or laptop in it.

    The Final Verdict

    For a working woman, briefcase style messenger bag is highly recommended but this doesn’t mean that you are forbidden to use messenger style. Also, make sure that the bag is made of either leather or cotton and definitely not polyester, especially if you carry your laptop to work.

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