Why are Women’s Handbags So Expensive?

 Why are Women’s Handbags So Expensive?

Those days are gone when women’s handbags were only considered as an accessory, now the term “Luxury Product” would be more appropriate. Since the start of the 21st century, women’s purses (especially designer bags) have gained immense popularity and become more desirable than ever.

There are many top brands that have increased the prices of their renowned handbags in the past couple of decades or so. One can argue that prices of almost every accessory have increased over the years and it is true. But one has to recognize that the comparison between the prices of handbags and other accessories show that the rates of handbags have increased exponentially over the past couple of decades. The prices of other accessories have increased, but not as rapidly as it is with handbags (and shoes as well). To explain why women’s handbags are so expensive, here are a few reasons that’ll clear it all:

Designer Brand Name

If you are looking for a handbag from a distinguished brand, get ready to pay extra for it. Big brands have a history of premium-quality products that automatically makes their handbags so much costly. Then there are other factors as well such as legendary dedication to quality and craftsmanship, and high reputation of the design house. 

Cost of Raw Materials

Each year, the prices of raw materials such as cotton and leather are increasing. This is forcing women’s handbag manufacturers to increase the prices of their products as well.  They have to increase the prices to meet the cost of designing, manufacturing, marketing, and delivering the products.

Complex Handbag Manufacturing Process

From designing a sketch to drawing it on the computer and manufacturing it, every step is complex and needs a lot of attention to details. After all, making handbags is not just taking a piece of leather and stitching it to make it look like a pouch, right? Given that it takes a lot of effort in the whole manufacturing process, handbags from top brands are generally quite expensive. 

Expensive Marketing

A big brand hires a celebrity to promote its handbags and obviously pays a hefty amount of money for it. That explains to some extent why handbags for women are so expensive. The brand has to cover the cost of marketing (which by the way is a lot) and that’s why they have to generate enough income to make profits and also cover the cost of everything from stitching to delivering. 

Where to find Economical yet High-quality handbags?

At Elegantbags.shop, we have the expertise and craftsmanship in manufacturing bags at half the cost. Our teams of professionals pay close attention to all the details and come up with women’s handbags of best-quality at the most reasonable rates. Customers often ask us how our prices are low as compared to others in the market and every time we tell them that we operate differently than our competitors. This means that we keep the marketing cost low to ensure that high-quality materials are used, and we directly ship our products to customers from the U.S.A – in other words, we reduce unnecessary cost and use it to make our handbags more appealing, authentic and stylish.

The Bottom Line

Needless to say, when you are buying a handbag, you are paying for both costs of production and the brand. Not all handbags for women are expensive, especially if they are from brands that are more into delivering quality to their customers rather than just making huge profits. In other words, try Elegantbags.Shop – you’ll get quality at a reasonable rate, guaranteed!

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